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We can't afford to walk away now – our loved ones and their caregivers are counting on us.

Our aging population is rapidly growing, and there is — and will continue to be — a big demand for long-term care. But there aren't enough caregivers and funding to pay for that care is lagging behind. 

Will Pennsylvania be prepared to care for our loved ones?

Within seven years, the number of Pennsylvanians aged 85 and older is expected to nearly double. Pennsylvania cannot afford to put off planning for and investing in the care of its fastest growing population.

We must improve access to long-term care for Pennsylvania's rapidly growing population of older adults.

That means investing an additional $12 a day in Medicaid reimbursement and supporting a common sense push to allow assisted living communities to become Medicaid providers to help seniors age in place and receive the most appropriate level of care without overwhelming our nursing homes while protecting taxpayer dollars.

It's time to care for those who first cared for us - today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

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The cost of care continues to rise.

Medical Supplies


Laboratory and X-Ray Services




Dietary and
Food Costs


Infrastructure Maintenance




It is clear our access to care crisis will not go away until our workforce crisis is first addressed.

Zach Shamberg, Pennsylvania Health Care Association

Nursing homes forced to turn away patients due to staff shortages - March 3, 2023

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